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Meet The Team


Dr. Bran
don Spolander


Certified Aquatic Veterinarian


Santi Oelofsen


Having worked for a long time in various administrative roles I am enthusiastic about being involved with growing this business. I love living near the sea and conservation of nature is important to me. I am a bit of a perfectionist and like to ensure things run smoothly!


Dr Akpo Ekpeki

My key skills are in sustainable aquaculture and environmental modelling having completed a MSc in Sustainable aquaculture at Stirling University in 2015. 

I have also completed my PhD where I have been working on developing production and environmental models for decision support systems in aquaculture production, including for Recirculating aquaculture Systems (RAS). Also building models in excel and Powersim to achieve stated project objectives, carrying out statistical analysis and creating visualization of results in Excel, R and Python. 

I have a wide range of experience having worked in both Africa and the UK, both within the commercial aquatic space as well as at Stirling University Aquaculture department. 

Theanette (1).jpg

Sr Theanette Staal
Fish Health Advisor

I love wide open spaces and being in nature is, for me, a real treasure. Sometimes indulging in this by completing long endurance events like the Boesmanland Camino, so I know how to knuckle down and keep going. 

I originally trained in political sciences and law and spent some time in the armed forces before rotating into veterinary medicine and qualifying as a veterinary nurse in 2007 at Onderstepoort, South Africa. This allowed me to have a deep understanding of health matters in a variety of animals. In the field of veterinary medicine, I have found my home and enjoy many different aspects of it. With the aquatic field I have found a challenge that due to its sheer breadth will keep me very engaged. I look forward to where and how I can help improve practices, standards and welfare in both the farming and marine conservation spaces. 

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Dr Pietro Allasia 

I am a Veterinary Surgeon (B.Vet.Med.) with an interdisciplinary interest and broad language skills (Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish and French). With experience in mixed practice, a passion in fish health and welfare and M.Sc. Aquatic Veterinary Studies (Stirling IoA) I dived into a career in aquaculture. Learning every day, I built a holistic approach to fish farm management, I refined my result orientated and problem-solving attitude and developed the ability to adapt to diverse contexts. Enthusiastic and dynamic in teamwork, I appreciate sharing knowledge and ideas. 

Gary ID photo Oct 2019.JPG

Dr Gary Buhrmann
Senior Veterinarian

Before joining AquaVet Africa, Gary Buhrmann was a State Veterinarian for many years during which time he was closely involved with Aquaculture in the form of disease testing and export certification in the trout and abalone industries. He has always enjoyed the stimulation and science behind aquaculture production and is motivated to increase its sustainability, thus enhancing food and job security for many. 


Alexa Le Roux
Marketing Assistant

As a multimedia designer specializing in information and media design, I enjoy every aspect of my industry, from creating captivating designs to crafting user-friendly experiences.

Associated Professionals: 

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