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about us

Brandon Spolander, the founding director, saw a need for greater access to advanced health consultancy services for aquaculture enterprises in Africa. Thus having completed a Masters in Aquatic Veterinary Studies at Stirling University in Scotland he went on to set up the AquaVetAfrica consultancy.

AquaVetAfrica is based in Cape Town and has all the appropriate registrations to allow for the provision of diagnostics, surgical interventions, and medications as required.

AVA has established access to a team of veterinarians, diagnosticians, biologists, and parasitologists that are experienced health professionals in the aquaculture industry around the world. We know we can help fish farmers and their health advisors to respond promptly to disease challenges and make well-informed management decisions. Through us, you have access to a global network of experienced professionals and first-world technology.

AquaVetAfrica has a strong focus on preventative health having developed veterinary health plans (VHP) for various farms. Although not mandatory yet in Southern African countries, it is mandatory in the UK for welfare and quality certification schemes such as RSPCA Assured and Global Gap.

Emergencies can occur and for our clients, we are only a phone call away at any time of the day. Our team of experts are always available to be contacted by telephone, via email, or to meet with, to provide further information and support when necessary.

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