First-opinion aquatic veterinary practice is central to our business.  Our aim is to always provide advice based on the most up to date internationally accepted information and standards.

 Provision of a complete ongoing Veterinary Health Services Package Contract that gives

 almost the same impact as having a full-time Veterinarian on staff without having to find and

 employ one.

  • Provision of Veterinary Health Plans to assist with guiding farm strategy and regulatory compliance.

  • Bacterial Culture, DNA sequencing for identification of Pathogens via selected partner professionals.

  • Histopathology via in-house microscopy or via certified pathologists with expertise in Aquatic species.

  • Consultation of the emergency one-off disease outbreak events.

  • Development of farm-specific autogenous vaccine and vaccination strategy.


Regular assessment of fish health is important to farm productivity. We are excellently placed to provide farm-specific routine disease screening programs, to aid you in your decision making.


All your data is accessible at your fingertips. Historical results — including histopathology samples.


We have already provided sample results that have curbed disease outbreaks, limited mortality, and altered management strategies.

Additionally, we provide access to aquaculture products at cost-effective prices


Histology and Cytology

Processing and staining of tissue samples. Cytological and histopathological analysis. Histochemical and specific stains (PAS, GRAM, Giemsa, Z-N, Calcofluor). A digital slide scanning service is available.


Animal Examination

Necropsy and subsequent parasitological, microbiological and histopathological examination.


Molecular Biology

Cultivation, Identification,PCR testing, Genetic sequencing and screening for antibiotic susceptibility.