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Mpas (Marine Protected Areas)

MPAs (Marine Protected Areas) help safeguard regions of the ocean, protecting marine ecosystems and biodiversity.

South Africa has 42 marine protected areas, covering 5% (57736km2) of it’s waters.

With 3 oceans and a variety of habitats surrounding South Africa, our waters are rich in marine life and biodiversity.

261 endemic fish species and 16% of the world's shark, skate and ray species, many of which are threatened, are found here.

37% of South African seabirds and 80% sea turtle species are threatened.

Overfishing, climate change, plastic pollution, coastal developments and marine mining play a role in the decline of marine species.

The ocean is a source of sustainable employment, food security, inspiration, education and relaxation. MPAs are the insurance policy for healthy oceans and ocean economies, and the investment in our future well-being.

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