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Cape fur seals are very curious creatures

Cape fur seals (Arctocephalus pusillus pusillus) are very curious creatures.

They will swim and swirl around snorkelers and divers and investigate anything new, unusual and foreign in their environment.

Sadly, this includes marine pollution.

Due to their playful nature, seals easily become entangled in everything from fishing line and rope to plastic bags, box bands and even old clothing. The most bizarre one I’ve heard of was @leigh_de_necker removing a bra from a large male seal, completely entangled in a 38D.

Even though Cape fur seal populations are stable and increasing due to them being protected, many suffer horrendously painful deaths by being slowly suffocated, strangled and wounded by our discards.

Let us all be more conscious of where we discard our waste, avoid plastics as far as possible, reuse where we can and recycle what we do use.

Any plastics loops, ropes or box bands should always be cut before being discarded.

Seal entanglements around Cape Town can be reported to @2oceansaquarium.

📸1: Helen Lockhart

📸2: @leigh_de_necker

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